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Current Commercial Roofing Industry Standards and Services in the Midwest

For commercial roof repair and replacement, a qualified and experienced professional is typically required. Some tiny repairs may be doable by a tenant or business owner themselves. However, the vast majority of commercial roof repair or replacement requires the expertise and experience of a professional commercial roofing contractor.

Modern Commercial Roofing

Speaking of commercial roof services St Louis MO is an area of the industry that has undergone much change over the years. As newer and more sophisticated materials and applications become available, changes take place in how and when these methods and items are used. It is safe to say that today’s commercial roofing industry is a blended mix of some older roofing tactics and newer technology which are brought together for getting the job done. Today there is a large variety of different needs and applications for keeping a solid and quality roof in place on commercial buildings.

Professional Service

A professional commercial roofing contractor can repair or replace a roof on most commercial businesses without disrupting the daily business routine of the tenant. For any construction tasks that have the potential of getting in the way of normal business, a good commercial roofing contractor will arrange those undertakings after business hours. This will ensure that there is no interference with the daily business routine for the occupant. Repairing or replacing the entire roof on structures like churches, retail malls, manufacturing facilities and industrial plants are just a few examples of where a professional roofing contractor is needed. Some contractors with a large crew are even qualified to complete jobs on large auditoriums and sporting arenas.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin

TPO which is short for thermoplastic polyolefin is a tough and durable lightweight roofing material which is now in high demand, especially in the Midwest region of the country. Many commercial roofing contractors in the area are qualified to install this innovative new material. TPO roofing is a single layer membrane that has been designed to resist the effects of ultraviolet damage from the sun. This advanced roofing material has also been made chemical resistant and best of all, to have outstanding long-term durability in all types of weather. This is appropriate for the variety of weather experienced in the Midwest region of the country. TPO roofing is also Energy Star rated meeting green roofing standards which allow customers to qualify for the federal energy tax credit. This amazing new roofing material not only will help save money on heating and cooling bills but will also allow most customers to receive federal help paying for the TPO roofing installation itself.

Standard Roofing Materials

Roofing contractors are also available for installing standard commercial roofing materials like PVC, A.P.P., S.B.S. and EPDM rubber roofing. Commercial roofing contractors are also qualified to install thermal roof coatings like asphalt, hot tar, tar/gravel and BUR roofing. Depending on what is needed, contractors can also offer SPF spray foam, urethane, ceramic, and acrylic roof coating materials.

Roofing Repair

On commercial buildings, an entire roof replacement is not always necessary. Oftentimes a repair to the existing roof is needed. This is where a professional roofing contractor many times can offer a free inspection and consultation for the best approach to meeting the needs of the customer.

Whether a simple repair or an entire roof replacement is needed, a professional commercial roofing contractor can quickly and efficiently deliver the needed results for keeping the customer’s location, and everything inside, safe and dry.

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