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When Should You Stay in a Short Term Let in London?

Short term lets have become popular accommodation options in London due to their flexibility. The typical duration for a short-let contract is a few days to six months. Tenants have the option of renewing their contracts if they need to stay longer. For Property owners, these types of contracts deliver great returns because the rates are usually higher than those of long-term leases. Due to this, renters will find a good number of landlords in London who offer short-term contracts. But, why should you consider this type of accommodation? When are short lets London properties appropriate?

Corporate Trips

When in London for business, staying in a short let is a practical solution to your accommodation needs. If a business trip lasts a few months, renting a home for that duration offers some advantages over a hotel. Firstly, you have more options to pick from when thinking about where to stay. You can find a short let in any part of London. If you need to be close to public transport or the business district, you can find properties in suitable locations. Picky business travellers can find properties that suit their preferences, for instance, a home with a private pool.

Group Travel

Whether for leisure or business travel, short-term rentals give you the choice of shared accommodation. A group of company executives can get a townhouse for a week, which would cost less compared to getting a hotel room for everyone. A group of travellers can find properties that meet their specific demands. Accommodation options such as B&Bs, motel and hotels offer standard living spaces for all guests. The modern traveller looks for more than just the typical conference room facilities or unlimited internet. A group of tourists may want a place with a compound where they can host new friends, and a short let provides that.

During Home Renovations

When your home is going through a major remodelling, you need a comfortable place to stay until it is complete. Short lets London properties come in handy in such situations. Renting a house or apartment for a few days or weeks will allow you to create a space that feels like home. When you have young children, maintaining a semblance of normalcy can help ease the stress of being away from home. You can add a few things to style the place to your preference.

When on Holiday

Short-lets have become popular with tourists as well, especially those travelling as a group. A short-term rental in London offers advantages such as a fully furnished kitchen where you can prepare your own meals, which cuts your travel expenses. The need for privacy is another reason to get a short let when on holiday. Whether it’s a bungalow in the London suburbs or an apartment in the city centre, tourists can enjoy some quiet time away from prying eyes.

Short lets London properties offer the perfect accommodation options in various situations. When you are travelling for business or leisure, the flexibility of a short-term rental is hard to resist. The British Capital offers all types of properties to cater to the growing needs of renters.

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