Animals deserve our care and protection; it is our duty to make a safe environment or them where they can grow and thrive. These fellow children of nature are not as fortunate as humans, so we must save them, help them and look after them. Individuals and organizations around the world are hell-bent on keeping the animals all around the world, some are working with the domesticated animals, like cats, dogs, etc. while some are saving the cheetahs, leopards or any other endangered species. But consulting veterinaries, medicines, treatment, creating shelters or fostering animals require funding, which can be difficult for the people to manage. Crowdfunding India says that if you are working for such a noble cause, then it is a social responsibility of people to contribute to this. Better sustainment of animals ensures a better ecology, so crowdfunding for animal welfare is the best opportunity you can give to the public to do their share of the duty.

Crowdfunding India says that online crowdfunding an animal welfare program can be done in various ways. You have to choose a definite objective, set a goal amount and start a fundraising campaign and start spreading the word around. Your objectives can be anything related to fundraising; Crowdfunding India shares a few examples:

  1. A drive for a new shelter.
  2. The battle for the medical treatment of an animal.
  3. Campaigning to advocate against any organization or individual who is threatening the integrity of animal lives on this planet due to their selfish reasons.

Crowdfunding India has previously handled campaigns for animal welfare, so from their experience, they give you a few tips on how to start an animal welfare campaign:

Choose one animal or one prognosis

It is better to campaign for one injured kitten rather than a litter of kittens who are needed to be rescued. Pick one agenda, a vaccination, or any health supplement, or any medicine that you need to administer on the animals for their treatment, or choose one sick, or injured animal to treat. Crowdfunding India says that campaign with visual images of the animals and their medical documents including x-rays etc. have boosted the campaign in surprising ways.

Write a strong story.

Online Crowdfunding works on the fact that people who don’t know you at all would nevertheless empathize with you and donate to your cause. Getting strangers’ sympathy is no cakewalk, Crowdfunding India opines that is why a moving story can compel potential donors to become emotionally engaged and put forth whatever they can. Write a good, legitimate account of the trouble your animals are facing and how you cannot find ample funding. People would soon respond.

Share it on the social media

If you want your campaign to receive the maximum possible exposure, then social media is your vital weapon. Crowdfunding India says that only by constant sharing of your drive on social media would you be able to reap the benefits of online crowdfunding. Only by this way, your drive will be heeded by the millions of potential donors all around the world.  Put up beautiful pictures of your pets, with well-written contents and share it as much as you can. You can visit the Crowdfunding India website for further information on how you can use crowdfunding for your animal welfare project.

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