Best Long Weekend U.S. Road Trips

Best Long Weekend U.S. Road Trips

Let’s face it. Not every traveler has the time or the budget to set off on weeks or months long motorhome rental journeys. The average camper has lots of responsibilities including jobs, families, and the full schedules that come with both. Of course this is no excuse for not getting out on the road, but it just limits the amount of time you can schedule for your journeys. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you plan a series of long weekend trips where you can take in a single region over the course of several days. This will allow you to explore the U.S. while maintaining your commitments at home. Fortunately there are a great many areas across the country that are perfect for a long weekend stay.

The Pacific Northwest

The great thing about this region is that it packs a large amount of activities and sites into a small enough region that it can be explored over a long weekend. For example, travelers can start out in Seattle, journey into the country to check out the unique terrain or along the coast, and end their journey in Portland. This can easily be squeezed into a 72 hour period, making the Pacific Northwest one of the best spots in the country for a long weekend roadtrip getaway. Make sure to keep this one near the top of your list.

Southern California

Although Southern California sprawls over a large region it remains perfect for a short trip due to the sunny good vibes and the stunningly beautiful scenery. The best thing to do is to pick a certain area in the region, for example the Los Angeles area, the San Diego area, or the Santa Barbara region. Any long weekend stay in these areas is sure to be a pleasurable experience full of great water views, good weather, and lots of drives along the coast, into the desert, and even mountain terrains. All it takes is three days, some research, and a game plan in place and you will be all set for a terrific long weekend in Southern Cali.


Florida features not one but two coasts, many miles of interesting terrain, and lots of different and unique regions to explore. One great thing to do over a long weekend is to start out at one point on one of the coasts then drive across the state and end your trip on the opposite coast. This is all possible since it is only a three hour drive across the state at most points. You can easily see both coasts plus the center of the state on one long weekend motorhome rental trip. Just make sure to do your research so that you know your perfect points that you wish to hit. Of course these will be different according to the traveler’s tastes, so pinpoint your perfect destinations before setting off.

New England

Just like Southern California, New England looks very large on a map and may not seem like the best place to spend a long weekend, but think again. Because it is broken down into so many distinctive areas, New England is the perfect destination for a long weekend. All you need to do is pick your region or state, research the things to do in that area, and set off for a long weekend of fun in this unique and highly scenic region. You can also get two states in over your trip. For example, many travelers like to start out their journey in New Hampshire and work their way into Vermont to end the journey.

The Chicago Area

The great thing about the Chicago area is its mix of urban and rural, offering the best of both worlds for weekend travelers. You can check out Chicago proper and one just a short drive be in the countryside far from the city streets. All it takes is an RV and a long weekend, so make sure to consider this region for your next weekend journey. Lots of travelers like to begin their trip in Chicago and work their way out into the countryside to check out the scenic Midwest with its lakes, scenery, and bountiful activities.

Just because you may not have the time to take an extended journey doesn’t mean you can’t get out in a motorhome rental and experience the joys of the open road. All you made to do is single out a long weekend, pick a region, do your planning, and then set off for your trip. In this age of constant busyness and on-the-go lifestyles, it is entirely possible to still get out for roadtrips as long as they are condensed and well planned. Take a cue from the hundreds of long weekend travelers and set out for a weekend trip soon.


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