Guide to EV Charger Installation in Washington

Guide to EV Charger Installation in Washington

Washington DC is home to lots of certified electricians with skills and experience in EV charger installations for both residential and commercial buildings. Whether you’ve just purchased a new electric car or looking forward to getting one soon, here is a guide to EV charger installation in Washington.  EV charging station installation has to be carried out by a professional electrician. Prior to installation, you need to consider a few factors including safety.

How to Choose the Right EV Charging Equipment

As stated earlier, Washington DC is home to tons of licensed and certified electricians who specialize in installing EV charging stations. Before these experts come to your home, you should have decided on a place to park your electric vehicle while it’s charging. Ideally, the charging stations should be sited about 3m from your vehicle’s connection port.

As technology keeps advancing, you will see newer EV models with faster onboard capacity that uses the sophisticated 3 phase connections. If your home has access to 3 phase power, then it is highly recommended to go for this option but make sure you have an outlet in your garage. If otherwise, a single phase connection will perform greatly. There are some factors to consider when it comes to using a single phase connection. One such factor is the capacity. Ideally, a single phase connection with a capacity of 32 Amp will supply energy of 7.4 kW. A professional will assess your home and determine the best option to choose.

Most EV chargers are equipped with configurable outputs which makes it compatible with both the single and 3-phase connections.

It is important to install the outlet within proximity to the garage door or area where you want the charging to take place. This way, you will be able to charge your car whether parked inside or outside. More importantly, create enough space for the charger to be mounted on the wall.

Things to Consider before EV Charger Installation in Washington

It is expected that your electrician visits the site and give a thorough assessment before providing a quote. If you agree on terms, EV charger installation in Washington can be done at your place of choice – be it your residential or commercial building. Regardless of the electrician you choose for EV charger installation in Washington, check to see if they are licensed and certified to perform such task. Don’t start with the installation process without getting a quote.

Also, the length of the cable plays a critical role in the flexibility of your parking options. Conversely, the cable becomes heavier. The 5m cable weighs 3kh while the 10m cable weights 6kg.

Do not connect any other appliances to the cable leading from the fuse box to the charging stations.

Remember there are licensed electricians that specialize in this installation process. Choosing an ill-qualified electrician who knows nothing about EV charger installation in Washington might cause more harm than good. To ensure a high quality job and great experience with your EV charger Installation in Washington, make sure to choose professional electricians


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