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GST Number: What Is It? How To Verify It?

GST is a destination tax based on the selling of products and services. It would be charged at all phases, i.e. from output to final use, with tax refunds collected at early stages accessible as a set-off. GST can bear a range of indirect taxes, such as sales tax, value-added tax ( VAT), amusement tax, luxury tax, and excise duty.

There are four types of Goods and Services Tax

CGST (Central Goods and Services Tax)

SGST (State Goods and Services Tax)

UTGST (Union Territory Goods and Services Tax)

IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax)

GST Number

GSTIN or Goods and Services Tax Identification Number is your special business character with the GoI (Government of India) that contains 15 digits alpha-numeric PAN based code. GST number verification or GSTIN verification is significant as there are numerous situations where people have manipulated GST Number (GSTIN). Furthermore, the GST Number inquiry will assist you with maintaining straightforwardness and transparency in all the business exchanges and will guarantee that you are documenting the right GST Returns for the specific tax time frame. Further, GSTIN confirmation will assist you with claiming Input Tax Credit that you may lose on account of phony GSTIN. Authenticating GSTIN or GST Number is the need of great importance to guarantee that your paid GST charges land up in the correct pockets. It is additionally your chance to contribute towards building a nation.

How Is GSTN Misused?

There are a lot of ways people can misuse GST numbers and it is important that the lawful tax-paying citizens know about this and make sure it doesn’t happen to them

Fraudulent Invoices

This is a certifiable concern, as there can be situations where an individual could guarantee ITC by making fake inward receipts. In such situations, the provider may make fake inward receipts to change the measure of assessment risk against no authentic distribution of products. From now on, this may affect the enthusiasm of the client or customer, and besides can influence the administration’s revenues no doubt. Thusly, to handle such issues you ought to approve the GSTIN of another provider each and every time, it is an ideal way to guarantee GST Compliance.

Fake GST Number

There may be circumstances in which the manufacturer might use fake GSTIN ID and distribute the products to the consumers. In such a situation the distributor can extract the tax from the receiver in the form of CGST+SGST or IGST but will not transfer it on to the public sector.

GST Number Verification

The GST Search, a 100 percent online app has the cure, and the authentication of GST numbers is just a few clicks on your mobile, and you are provided with the information within moments. There are 2 different ways to immediately check GSTIN online:

  • GST Number Search Tool: simply enter the GSTIN or GST number to be searched in the search window, in the appropriate format, and press ‘Check and Verify GST Number’ to seek the GSTIN information. The GSTIN Testing tool gathers data straight from the GSTN database and shows the GSTIN search engine results.
  • Go to the authorized GST portal and select the dropdown of the Search Taxpayers – click on Search by GSTIN/UIN – enter the GST Number displayed on the receipt in the search segment – enter the captcha exactly as shown and click on Search.

Should you at any point stumble upon and recognize any anomaly about a GSTIN, you should realize that you can be an informant. You can look up GST Number on the official GST site and let the authorities know about any wrongdoing by emailing (helpdesk@gst.gov.in.

) them and by calling them. You can find more information regarding GST Helplines on the approved GST website.

Customers must put forth attempts while paying any receipt to guarantee that the GST number referenced on the receipt exists at https://www.gst.gov.in/to guarantee that their well-deserved cash goes to the correct pockets while paying for a GST receipt.

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