Why you should focus more on content than marketing

Why you should focus more on content than marketing

You should focus more on your content rather than marketing. This statement does not sound too practical if you take current scenario into account. People keep working on different marketing strategies to attract more and more traffic. Even if you could convert 2% of your traffic, converting 2% of 200,000 mean 2000 sales. But it will not keep you in the market for long.

Why content is more important

Content is required to make people stay on your pages for long. If you provide valuable information and provide solution to people’s problems they would remember you for long. They would visit you again for other solutions. They would develop trust in you.

Drawbacks of marketing without good content

You might make some sales with good marketing but it is less likely that the customer would visit you again. There are a lot of companies providing good online marketing services[รับ ทํา การ ตลาด ออนไลน, which is the term in Thai]. You can use their services to attract huge traffic to your website. But without good content they are less likely to visit you again.

What type of content you should post

If you really want to make a impact and want loyal customers, you must be very careful with the content you post:

  • You should post content that is relevant to your niche.
  • Do not focus on the entire niche because that will be too general. Try going for a sub niche.
  • Create different user personas to help you with your content.
  • Use one user persona at a time to create content that will engage similar people.
  • Try addressing people’s problems and provide feasible solutions to them.
  • Always provide information and value.

Do not just attract people, make them stay.

You do require marketing to attract people but you require content more. If people trust you, they will keep coming back to you and would tell others about you.


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