Tips On Cleaning Your Awards

Tips On Cleaning Your Awards

Now you have your award, feels useful to be a winner right? As a winner, you will need to take good care of your prestigious award and keep it shinning and glowing on your desk.  If your prize is a  acrylic shield award  (โล่อะคริลิค, which is the term in Thai), then you need some special skills to protect its beauty and quality. It is very wrong to make use of household cleaning products like 409 or Windex because they are made with chemicals that hamper the beauty, clarity and texture of the acrylic awards, making it look dull in the eye.

The best thing to use for cleaning acrylic products is warm water, yes warm water and a little drop of liquid soap. Use water to rinse the acrylic award and dry.

You can apply this same method of cleaning to other acrylic decorations and furniture.

Another principle is to breathe warm air on the surface and clean with a clean, soft cloth. Avoid scratching the surface of the acrylic award by using only soft cloth material for the cleaning. You can consider buying an acrylic cleaner if your acrylic award or furniture has a larger surface area.

Essential Tips To Avoid Cleaning Disaster for Trophy And Awards.

  • Use clean soapy water to clean trophies, especially resin and pewter trophies and dry thoroughly.
  • Clean your sliver awards or trophies monthly, using a clean silver cloth. Do not polish in circles, slightly polish in one direction only.
  • Your silver-plated awards and trophy should be placed in a display cabinet.
  • Do not make use of a dishwasher to clean your awards.
  • Use furniture polish spray for wooden trophies.
  • Make use of silica gel to protect your silver trophies from humidity.
  • Do not expose your awards to heat or hot temperature, as it will harm its texture.


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