Steps to help you clean the external vents of your dryer

Steps to help you clean the external vents of your dryer

People in Los Angeles regularly clean the dryer vents as if it is ignored, it can cause a lot of issues. Most of the people contact professional services that offer dryer repair Los Angeles whenever they want to clean the vents. It is better to opt for professional help as they can provide the best services at affordable price, while saving your precious time and efforts. If you are cleaning the vent yourself, make sure that you unplug the dryer and disconnect all the gas connections in the dryer before you begin.

The following are the steps that can help you do the job easily.

Step-1) Clean the vent opening inside the house

After you have disconnected the machine from electricity supply, disconnect it from the vent opening inside the house. Spread a cloth or newspaper on the opening of the vent in order to collect the dust. Now, with a brush, properly clean the opening and make sure that there is no blockage.

Step-2) Cleaning the outside opening

Safety is number one priority; hence make sure that you wear rubber gloves and some goggles in order to protect yourself. Now, open the external vent and keep the cover to your side. Visually examine the vent for clogs and dirt formation with the help of a torch and start cleaning them properly. If you suspect that some insects maybe present inside, call pest extermination services to spray and clean it before you start your cleaning process. After you have properly cleaned the vent, take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the insides properly so that no dirt or lint is left inside.

Step-3) Wash the cover properly and reattach

Now, wash the cover properly with soap and water, also make sure that the holes present in it aren’t blocked. Once done, let it dry and when it dries up properly, reattach it to the vent.


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