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Importing A Vehicle To Australia Without Heavy Penalties

There are a lot of rules when It comes to importing vehicles into Australia, and following every single one of them is very important. The one that could get you the biggest fee is if your vehicle happens to have some asbestos upon arrival, thus is the best thing to clear that problem before the vehicle is even shipped.

Importing Basic

Of course, before you decide what kind of vehicle you would like to import, you should first check if it’s allowed into Australia in the first place. Most of the vehicles that are banned are the ones which belong to the luxury category, and if some of them are allowed from that category, they usually carry very big fees which makes them unappealing for the import for the common folk.

Getting a permit is the next thing you have to look out for as this is one of many parts of the paperwork that you will have to submit upon receiving your vehicle from the boarder control. For more information about importing vehicles you can check out https://www.dazmac.com.au or a site of any other professional company who is in this kind of business.

Hundreds of cars are being transported every day


While there are a lot of rules when it comes to importing, the one you really have to look out for is the one involving asbestos. If the boarder control finds out that your car has it, you will be charged with a pretty big fee.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which is extremely bad for human health as inhaling it is very harmful for the lungs because once it is in there, there is no way of preventing it from getting it absorbed into your body.

That is why it is extremely important to ask a company to do a cleaning job which will remove all infestations including asbestos. Doing so will not only save you from huge fees, but it will also save you from getting your car damaged because when it comes to boarder control doing the cleaning, they usually don’t care that much if they will damage your vehicle as long as they get rid of the toxic material.

While asbestos hazard can be found in all kinds of vehicles, it is mostly related to cars, whether they new or older models. So, if you are thinking of importing a car, then consider hiring Dazmac Logistics for cleaning your asbestos in cars or any other company which is known for removing all the toxicity.

Remember, asbestos is one of the few rules when it comes to boarder control that has zero tolerance as this can cause serious damage not only towards you as a new owner, but the environment as well. The fee can go up to one million Australian dollars, and we really think that’s something you would definitely like to avoid by paying for a quick cleaning procedure which will probably cost you a few hundred instead.

Clean cars are quickly handled during the import procedure

Final Word

Importing vehicles today has become quite simple as there are a lot more of them produced today compared to the past, however, it is extremely important to get all the paperwork done, as well as hire a cleaning service so you don’t end up with a damaged vehicle and some huge fees.

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