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Who you can define a term bag?

If you talk about the bag in usual, bag is form of container or a sack, which allows you to store any physical asset. There are many different types of bags it could be school bag to carry books, it could be shopping bag to carry groceries, garbage bag, plastic bags, Zipper bag [ถุงซิป, which is the term in Thai] and many more. Let’s just first talk about hand bag that is usually carried by both men and women. The handbag might include College bags, women small bags that commonly named purse. Women usually take handbags to carry their daily use necessary items such as money, documents, keys, cosmetics etc. Whereas man usually uses pocket wallet to carry different legal documents and money. Let’s talk about High School handbags, women usually prefer handbags then school bags for their high school. These handbags made up of great detailing and under some expert designer concentration in order to give the look of elegance and perfection.

Different design of handbag with their different uses:

Both man and women use some common handbags at gym, which is common term as Logo printed bag [ถุงพิมพ์โลโก้, which is the term in Thai]. Commonly people use to carry different shopping, gym, and college bags have some printed logo in front. Now question arises what is the need of those logos? Many bag producing companies display their brand name by these logos in order to promote their brand and building brand awareness. Many top brands practice the same technique such as Nike on their gym bag and bag pack.

 What is the benefit of displaying logo of your brand?

This is a marketing technique used by the company to promote its brand. Simple bags with no design and such logo might not attract your target customer that will result in decreasing sales and loss. It is a source of goodwill which means it builds the image of your brand.

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