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What to Expect at Your OB GYN Appointment in Monroe NY  

Before your examination with an OB GYN Monroe NY, the nurse may have you provide blood and urine samples, record your height and weight and take your vitals. Then, you get undressed in the examination room to wait for the doctor. A hospital gown or drape is available so that you can cover up.

If it’s your first visit or annual checkup, the OB GYN will ask for or update your medical history, including family history and past surgery details. Some details may be quite personal, so you may want to ask for a copy of them to prepare beforehand. Sample questions include:

  • At what age did you get the first period?
  • How long does your period last? Is it regular?
  • Are you sexually active?

It’s important to be honest so that your doctor can provide the best care possible. Everything you discuss is kept in the strictest confidence. If you feel weird or embarrassed about the exam, remember it’s something millions of other American women go through regularly.

Physical and External Genital Exams

The physical exam portion of the visit includes palpitation of your breasts, where the doctor looks for abnormalities such as lumps. They also manually examine the abdomen and pelvis. Next, the OB GYN examines your external genitals for pathological symptoms or irregularities. If your exam is painful, tell the doctor immediately as it could be a symptom that something is wrong.

Speculum Examination

Your vaginal exam involves the insertion of a lubricated speculum to allow the doctor to search for erosions, cysts or irregularities. Before the instrument is placed inside your vagina, the doctor inserts a finger to find the cervix so they can angle the speculum comfortably. Once the speculum has been inserted, the doctor clicks it open, which can feel strange, so breathe deeply and try to relax.

During the exam, the doctor takes a Pap smear, in which a few cells are collected from the cervix using a brush or spatula. You may feel a small pinch and experience temporary spotting following the exam. The doctor may also collect samples to test for sexually transmitted diseases. Then, the doctor removes the speculum gently.

Bimanual Exam

During the bimanual exam, the doctor places the second and third finger into your vagina. The other hand goes on your abdomen and the OB GYN Monroe NY palpitates the area to look for swelling or growths within the uterus and ovaries.

The bimanual exam is the last part of the exam, which takes about 5 minutes altogether. You can then take your legs out of the stirrups and get dressed.

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