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Top Directors of Telugu Cinema- PuriJagannadh

Telugu movies watch online directed by PuriJagannadh have good characterization. He is also a great screenwriter and producer. He has made a mark in the Telugu cinema from 2000 to the present.

Some of the movies that he has directed include:

  • Bachi 2000
  • Badri 2000
  • Pokiri 2006
  • Yuvaranja 2001
  • Appu 2002

In addition to the above, he has directed over 37 movies. He owns a production and music company where he produces many Telugu movies. His great work in the Telugu cinema has not gone unnoticed. He has won many awards like the Filmfare and Nandi Awards. He has been recognized for the best dialogue, best story and best feature.

Puri is known for his great storytelling abilities. The stories he writes are well sold around the world. Many of his films have had great success in the box office.In his production, he blends the sounds to the theme of the films.

In the Telugu movies watch online, Puri is known for creating very good dialogues. He also elevates talent by bringing new actors on the stage.He is, therefore, a great inspiration and mentor to many budding actors.

Some of the Telugu films that he has directed are highlighted below:


A good Telugu movies watch online is Bujjigadu. The movie was produced in 2008 and is an action movie that lasts 2 hours and 26 min. In the film, Sanjjanaa, Trisha and Prabhas take the leading roles.

The movie is about childhood friends who separate for 12 years due to a childhood disagreement. They, however, agree to meet and marry after the time has elapsed. When they try to reunite after the agreed time, they are faced with many problems.

They face imprisonment and deceit challenges. Their marriage and commitment to each other are put to the test.


This is a wonderful Telugu drama and action movie. The movie was produced in 2018 and is 2 hours 32 minutes long. The movie talks about two lovers who are reincarnated and fall in love. The story setting is in the 1971 Indian -Pakistan wartime.The lovers learn that they have always been in each other’s dreams. They are very happy to reunite and learn that they are their dream characters.

They are, however, faced with many questions about who they were in their previous life. They also wonder why their dreams are so real in the present life and if their previous life was fulfilling.


Badri is a breathtaking Telugu movies watch online. The lead roles in this 2000 movie were taken by Renu Desai, Ameesha Patel and PawanKalyan. This Telugu movie brings to life the story of two lovers (Badri and Vennela) whose families are friends. Badri is an agency director whose family lives in the U.S. The parents are urging the lovers to get married. Badri seems non-committal as to his lover Vennella tells him. When Vennella bets with him to pursue a young lady, they see coming from the temple, and the film takes a new twist.

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