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The benefits of having an Automatic Floor Polisher

Can you polish wooden floors without any electrical equipment?

Yes, it is possible to polish wooden floors without any electrical equipment but it will be a tough and time-consuming job. Here is how you can polish a wooden floor without any electrical equipment.

  • The very first thing you need to do is remove your furniture and clean the area, also remove any carpet or rugs if you have. You can use a broom to clean the area or vacuum the surface but make sure your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have faulty wheels. Otherwise, it will damage the floors.
  • Find out which type of floor finish you had. There are three types of wooden floor finish shellac, lacquer and water-based. Then treat the floor accordingly.
  • After that, you have to buff the floor which means you have to mop the floor with a dry microfiber cloth or mop until the floor shines. You can also use buffing machines available in the market if you want to.
  • Then comes the part of polishing the floor. You need to buy the right type of polish, for polyurethane finish use water-based polish and other floors use wax-based polish.

How beneficial are the new floor polishing equipments?

So, as you now know it must be very hard and time-consuming to do all the work without any electrical equipment. The better option here is to use equipments which are solely made for these purposes. These new machines will save you time and effort. Nowadays, there is even an Automatic Floor polisher [เครื่อง ขัด พื้น อัตโนมัติ, which is the term in Thai] is available in the market. These new products will save you a lot of money and increase your productivity. You would be free to do whatever you want if you choose to buy an automatic floor polisher.

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