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Questions to Ask When Picking Uniform Rental Company  

Are you planning to institute a new uniform rental program or unsatisfied with your current vendor? By signing up for work uniform rentals, you will add professionalism as well as organization to your company. As you search for a uniform rental company, it’s important to consider quality and value for your money. The rental company you pick should be able to answer the following questions to your satisfaction:

How do work uniform rentals operate?

Most companies work on contract basis. Begin by determining your uniform needs, including the length of service before you can sign a contract with your preferred provider. The provider should deliver uniforms, collect them when they are soiled, clean them, and return them once they are cleaned –simple!

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How much will it cost to get the service?

The expenses you will incur with uniform rental are determined by your needs. Do you need pocket-less garments or plastic zippers to meet certain safety regulations? D you like custom branding with outstanding designs? Expect to be charged higher cost when you ask for more customization. Uniform contracts typically run for three to seven years and will offer savings when you sign up for a longer contract. Read the contract carefully before signing. Also, remember that the cheapest service is not always suitable.

Can the company offer sample uniforms and references?

To get an idea of the quality of garments that a provider offers, you should ask for samples. A reliable company will be willing to offer samples and provide references if need be. By researching the provider and going through some unbiased reviews, you will know what other companies think of their services and the quality of the garments.

Is the company capable of handling increased delivery during a busy season?

If your company is a holiday-based or seasonal business, you will be concerned about this. Ensure the provider you pick can accommodate your varied uniform demands. Industries like health-care need high levels of service at all times while the hospitality industry gets increased business during summer months and holidays. Ensure the service provider you select can comfortably keep with your requirements.

Will the company meet your specialty garment needs?

Uniform providers do not offer the same service. Some companies can meet more industry-specific requirements than others. A specialty garment requires features like pants without pockets, flame retardant clothing, and custom branding among other requirements. Ensure that the provider you pick is willing to offer exactly what you require.

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