Factors To Consider Before Going Shopping for a Large King Size Bed

Factors To Consider Before Going Shopping for a Large King Size Bed

Large king size beds are comfortable, spacious and sometimes perceived as a symbol of social status. Many people associate these large size beds with comfort in life where money is not an issue. They are readily available for purchase both online and locally. You can buy one online or at a local furniture store and have it delivered to your doorstep without a hassle.

When it comes to shopping for a king size bed, there are a few factors to take into account. They include the following:

1. The Size of Your Bedroom

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself before buying a large king size bed is; is my bedroom large enough to accommodate one? Large king size beds are extra large and will consume more space in your room than a standard bed.

A typical king size bed measures 81-inches long, 61-inches wide and 14.2-inches high excluding the height of the headboard. The headboard may be as high as 40-inches tall.

2. The Type of Wood Used in Making the Bed

Just like standard beds, large king size beds are made from different types of woods i.e softwood, hardwood and something in between. The best quality beds feature hardwood, which is the most durable of all types of wood. The worst quality beds, on the other hand, are made from softwood, which will easily be destroyed by termites, some species of beetles and ants. Large king size beds that feature a wood that is moderate in terms of hardness are the second best option after their hardwood counterparts.

3. The Design of the Bed

Large king size beds come in a wide array of designs and styles from which to select. From classic four poster and canopy to mid-century platform and old-fashioned sleigh, there are lots of styles to select from. Of course, each style has its own advantages and disadvantages.

4. Delivery

Buying a large king size bed is one thing, getting it to your bedroom is another. Due to their extra large nature, king size beds can be extremely challenging to get to your place, especially if you choose to transport one by yourself, using your car. The space in your trunk may be too small to accommodate the frame, the headboard and the other components of the bed. What to do? If you choose to use a professional moving service, be ready to pay more because these beds are not so easy to transport.

Final Thoughts

When you consider these factors before going shopping, you will have an easy time finding the right king size bed and having it reach your place. Consider the size of your bedroom, the type of wood used, the design and delivery.


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