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Easy Ways for Improving your SEO Ranking

Most of the businesses in the world have their website, and they want to improve their SEO ranking. Good SEO ranking will display the name of your company higher in the search engine. The higher your website is displayed on the search page is likely to drive more traffic to your website. So, what makes your SEO ranking? Most people will reply “keywords”, which is a half-truth. The full truth is that there are other factors too including the keyword that affect your SEO ranking.

What search engine algorithms do is not just rate the relevance of your keywords in according to the user’s search, but also it checks how much time a visitor spends on your website. It also checks bounce rate, pages viewed, inbound and outbound links, bounce rate etc. So, as the keyword is important, it is also important that the users stay on your page and interact with the contents of your website. Therefore, to improve your SEO ranking you should work on with the improvement of user’s experiment and usability.

This is half the story that keywords are responsible for your SEO ranking, the user friendliness of your page is also an important factor which influences on your page ranking in search engines.

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Website usability

Website usability is elements of website design which are tied to conversion. And leading designers that also deal with SEO such as https://edkentmedia.com know that fact very well.

Some of the factors affecting website ranking are as follows:

  • The effectiveness of your website: Whenever a user gets on your website, are they getting what they want. Do they get the information what they were searching for, or do they get the product or service they are asking for, or are they able to make connections with customer service? If they cannot, you have to work that out to make your website effective enough to do these things.
  • The efficiency of your website: Efficiency is needed in everything you do. Efficiency here is if the user can achieve what they came for on your website. If they did, could get what they asked for fast or they had to navigate here and there on the website. If you make a user navigate too much for the thing they need, they are never going to return to your website.
  • Is your website user-friendly: When a user enters your website, he or she should be able to learn how to navigate through your website easily? If he or she finds it complex, they will leave your website and might never be come back again.
  • Is your website error prevented: Websites should be error-free. You can’t want that when a user visits your website, they get 404 error, or they are directed to another website, or your website contains broken links.

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