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Clearabee Rubbish Removal

Co-op Rubbish Removal Contract Awarded to Clearabee

The Co-op has signed a multi-million pound deal with Clearabee to remove their unplanned waste. The ‘reactive waste’ contract includes the removal of unexpected rubbish, such as fly-tipping in car parks or spoilt food. The Co-op company has 2,500 retail shops and 1,000 funeral homes throughout the nation and therefore need a proper waste removal administration. Per year, Clearabee will dispose of 5,000 waste collections. Abbie Case, the senior contract manager for the Co-op said; “Clearabee had proven it could support the society’s business, reliably, at scale and precisely when and where it needed to”. The contract was won from the waste giant Biffa. The founder of Clearabee and MD, Daniel Long said; “Our innovative approach and nationwide reach means we can respond rapidly and efficiently to the Co-op’s waste removal requests”. He also commented that the Co-op could cut costs related to the removal of unplanned rubbish.

Clearabee Rubbish Removal

Founded in 2012, Clearabee is a rubbish removal company based in the UK. Providing a waste removal service for planned and unplanned rubbish, their 100-strong fleet is overseen by 250 dedicated staff. They offer a variety of waste removal services throughout the UK covering both domestic and business waste. With same day waste removal services offered, as well as planned rubbish removal, they are the UK’s largest in-house man and van style rubbish clearance company.

Waste Removal Services Offered by Clearabee

Clearabee’s man and van waste removal service offers flexible removal of rubbish from either domestic or business premises. With prices varying depending on the volume of waste, the service includes labour and same day collection. They also offer removal of individual items that are priced separately.

Beebags are branded skip bags that are perfect for home improvement or gardening projects. The bags are sent out with next day delivery and can be collected within 24 hours of notification. They are available in four sizes and offer a flexible waste removal service.

Clearabee’s bags and sacks offer an alternative to filling the household bin with rubbish. They are eco-friendly, and over 90% of collected rubbish is recycled. The sacks are completed the next day and are ideal for homes and businesses who need rapid waste removal.

The Rise and Rise of Clearabee

For a company that is only six years old, Clearabee has gone from strength to strength. This is highlighted by them winning such a large contract with the Co-op, replacing Biffa as their previous waste removal company. For such a small company to steal a contract away from one of the UK’s five waste giants just goes to show that personable, reliable services such as what Clearabee offers are what large companies are looking for. Clearabee’s rise through the ranks of waste removal companies is boosted by their eco-friendly ethos and commitment to divert 94% of waste away from landfill. The ability to collect unplanned waste on the same day and remove it quickly and efficiently by hard-working, well-trained staff is just what larger companies are looking for.

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