Biltmore Pro Print Presents: Why You Shouldn’t Write Off Print Media in Marketing

Biltmore Pro Print Presents: Why You Shouldn’t Write Off Print Media in Marketing

Looking for effective strategies to break through communication barriers with your prospects? In today’s digital era, it’s easy for your prospects to get saturated with online marketing. This can be the perfect time to take a proven strategy to reach your target market.

Print materials and publications give customers an irreplaceable brand experience. If you thought digital marketing will replace print media, think again. Here are six reasons never to write off print media in your marketing strategies from Biltmore Pro Print.

Print remains tangible 

Printed materials remain as physical items. As such, they can remain in homes, stores and offices for several months once received. While digital marketing content are useful for a few times, print media extends beyond what most people imagine.

Print remains credible 

Don’t you enjoy seeing your favorite magazine on the rack? Nothing compares to the feeling of legitimacy that comes with something printed. You can leave it for several hours and resume anytime you want. Additionally, print media need real estate. You can place it at a specific corner and still find it after several days.

Print creates brand 

Advertisers appreciate the significance of having a well-structured brand. Printed content and other branded publications are a great way to develop your brand. It gives you the opportunity to bring the aesthetic qualities of images, texture and color for enhancing brand recognition.

Print takes you close to your prospects 

By carefully designing and placing your business ads in publications, magazines and newspapers, you can reach your prospects in a specific niche or the general public. In addition, you can leverage data demographics, and strategically position your brand in the right place, at the appropriate time, for the perfect target audience.

Print engages 

On average, most digital contents get skimmed for about 15 seconds per visit. However, when the same customers read through print material, they become engaged for a longer period. Consumers spend approximately 43 minutes reading a magazine.

Less print available 

Most businesses have taken the online way of marketing, and the old seems to be reborn as print media is becoming trendy. However, the printing landscape has advanced. It’s not what your parents knew as print media.

Today, marketing and printing companies have crucial information and data to make calculated decisions and moves about content, target market and collaterals. Most customers’ emails are overflowing with unsolicited ads and unworthy news that often get ignored and marked as spam.

All that said and done, designing and sharing impeccable printed media marketing publication must adhere to high-quality standards to get the message across efficiently and effectively. And finally, it takes strategic marketing initiatives to realize great results.

Looking for great print media marketing for your business? Contact Biltmore Pro Print for guidance and quotes.


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