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A ray of hope in the life of individuals dealing with the herpes

Herpes is one of the most widespread sexual diseases that has ruined the life of many of people. The people suffering from this disease have to suffer a lot physically, mentally, socially and in relation also. They have to moan for the love and care for whole life that they want. They found themselves unable to enjoy the sex life as any normal one does not like to be in relationship with them.  Really, being herpes singles is not less than a curse that gradually ruins a person and makes him/ her die with unfulfilled emotional and sexual needs.

Symptoms of the herpes

Mostly, people do not see or feel any symptom of herpes in them so they do not even know that they   have herpes.  Sometimes some signs or symptoms like sore or itchiness in or around the mouth or genital parts can be seen. Invisible symptoms mean not at all that there is no chance of spreading this virus but it can spread to others. Many times people cannot understand whether it is a symptom of herpes or other health problems like ingrown hairs, pimples, the flue etc. This is why you need to have full knowledge of the herpes dating symptoms so that you can take treatment for it and also prevent it from spreading to someone from you.

  • Feel burning during pee when urine comes in contact with sores
  • Trouble in urinating as welling or sores can clog the urethra
  • Pain and itchiness in and around the genital is also a symptom that can trouble you a lot.
  • Sore around the mouth or on the lips is the main symptom of this type of herpes and is known as fever blister or cold sores.

It is better to get diagnosed in time in order to secure your health and others health.


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