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Treating Sleep Disorders with modafinil

People suffering from sleep disorders have found peace by using the wake-promoting medical agent Modafinil. In fact, the chemical has been in use for the past few years for treating patients having sleeping problems. According to the medical terms, many drugs having the same chemical composition and treatment effects are introduced into the market under the manufacturing of several separate pharmaceutical companies. Thus, each of the medicines have a different name although belonging to the same category. All the medicines have an identical formula. The antioxidative, as well as the neuroprotective effects of the drug, is worth mentioning.

Initial introduction

The unique drug for treating narcolepsy got its first approval in 1998. From then onwards, the drug has been the reason for numerous clinical trials that showed the ability of the chemical to treat the sleeping problems. Through intense research, the scientists have proved that the compound can have a monoaminergic effect of stimulating the production of Histamine, Serotonin (5-HT), Norepinephrine, Dopamine and  the orexin channel in your brain. The RXShopMD will provide you with the medicines of the same composition. You can order packages ranging from 30 pills to 180 pills at a time.

Brand popularity

As already discussed, the modalerthas become a generic representation for all the medicines which are entirely identical to the branded Modalert medicine. The pharmaceutical company that owns the brand also owns the authoritative rights of the brand name. Many other companies are using their formula, but those manufacturers have to sell the drugs under different other names. The quality of this particular drug is so good that it has earned an excellent market reputation within a few years. If you want to stay loyal to the brand, then you have to verify the trademark and the exact name of the active component.

Effects on glutamate

In different parts of your brain, the modafinil produces different effects on the glutamate. Many research works proved that the chemical increase the level of extracellular glutamate in the posterior hypothalamus and the medial preoptic regions of the brain. The reaction is due to a reduction in the tone of GABAergic. But the GAAB tone alteration is not seen in the hippocampus or thalamus region even when the glutamate levels increase. So scientists have concluded that the glutamate level in general increases with modafinil registration but not to any significant degree. But the chemical has no effect on the glutamate synthesis rate.

Neuroprotective effect

Researchers have found that the modafinil has the ability to increase the level of the cortical pool of aspartate, creatine-phosphocreatine, glutamate-glutamine, and inositol. The resulting impact is the neuroprotective ability of the drug. So the drug can increase the creatine-phosphocreatine which in turn, acts as the wake-promoting inducer. The metabolic rate increases too as a direct effect. But the drug will not stimulate for extra GABA production. Instead, it will help to recover the cells from the influence of neurosecretory coupling that takes place after the glutamate exposure. The drug also works against Parkinson’s disease within a span of a year.

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