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Popular Fashion Job Titles and Descriptions

Fashion field requires a variety of tasks. Fashion field hold different job industries and sectors, some fashion jobs are related to design like analyzing trends in shoes, clothes and even accessories , other fashion jobs are related to marketing and retailers , they are responsible for convincing big sponsor companies to buy their designs and clothing lines. There are a lot of jobs in the fashion field industry, and it differs in tasks and holds different job titles.

Working in fashion includes working for a variety of organizations. Some employees work for design, wholesalers, and firms or even dance companies. Others would enroll in clothing, accessory manufactures and shoe design field. If you’re interested in fashion field but you’re not sure which specific career you must enroll, we’ll be discussing the most common Fashion Job Titles.

Here are the most common Fashion Job Titles:

  • Purchasing Agent /Buyer

Buyer’s duties are many, but basically they are the ones selecting main clothing designs from manufacturer and wholesalers. They select clothing, shoes and accessories from a good quality clothing manufacturers in order to sell in retail stores. They work for retails fashion and department stores; they select specific items which they think will be attractive to customers. Their job requires traveling a lot, attending fashion shows and visiting the manufacturing sites. Their job is interesting and they must have a high quality taste in picking what really suits the target audience and market.

Here below are the jobs buyers and purchasing agents conduct:

  • Apparel Production Coordinator
  • Fashion buyer
  • Merchandiser
  • Sales associate
  • Account executive
  • Area brand coordinator
  • Assistant merchant
  • Showroom manager
  • Store manager

  • Basically, Purchasing Agents and buyer often hold degrees related to fashion business or marketing.
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  • Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are real world’s artists. They create creative clothing, accessories and shoes designs. They work in a variety of fields, including clothing companies, manufacturing, design firm and even theaters. Alongside with their must own artistic skills, most designers also need hard computer skills in order to effectively use computer-aided design and graphics editing software. There are many jobs in the fashion designer industry like:

  • Bedding designer
  • Stylist
  • Fashion director
  • Textile fabric colorist
  • Associate designer
  • Technical designer
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  • Working in designing fields which are related to fashion will include a lot of events and many other exciting environments. Such fields require fancy designers in order to make every slight detail noticeable and glowing!

  • Modeling

Models are the key role in fashion advertising industry. Modeling job requires posing for photographers to help advertise certain clothing, accessories and shoes deigns. Walking in runway fashion shows wearing a specific designer’s clothing line is another duty they need to excel. Models work in a variety of conditions, like huge brands fashion shows and also indoor studios. Working as a model means you’ll have to adjust with unpredictable schedules and also have fixed periods of unemployment; this is if you take modeling as your only career not as a side hustle job. Common model jobs include:

  • Fashion coordinator
  • Art class model
  • Fitness model
  • Showroom model
  • Modeling coach
  • Fashion model agent
  • Most models work in fashion field as a side hustle job, they often hold degrees and work in other fixed jobs as full-time employees and some would enroll in other part-time jobs. They would work in modeling field out of satisfying their passion for fashion and glow shows moments!
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Fashion industry is exciting and overwhelming. It’s different than ordinary fields in the market; it has its own regulations, rules and even fun events. Every part in the fashion industry has their own magical touch, from designing attractive clothes to professionally walking down the runway marketing a specific designer’s brand to the public. Every single detail is important, even the stage design, lighting and crowd settings are crucial. Working in fashion fields requires high sense of taste towards fashion trends, even choosing the right fabric makes a crucial difference. If you thinking in enrolling in fashion industry, then you need to get ready for great exciting duties and making wide world connections in the world of fame!

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