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How to Seek Proper Compensation after a Motorcycle Accident

Injuries resulting from car-motorcycle or truck-motorcycle accidents often cause fatal consequences to motorists. In most cases, the truck or car drivers involved in the accident don’t suffer devastating effects like motorists. This is because motorists get thrown away from their motorcycles during a crush. Lesions can be so severe to cause deaths or permanent deformations including brain and nerve damages.

Statistics show increased rates of motorcycle accidents. A decade ago, one out of ten road accidents were associated with motorcycles. Now, one out every seven traffic accidents is a motorcycle accident. There are also high chances of fatalities caused by motorcycle crushes. In Missouri, for instance, 88.6% victims of motorcycle accidents face serious injuries.

In case of a motorcycle accident:

  • Notify the police immediately by calling 911. Trying to settle the matter by accepting direct compensation from a driver limits your chances of getting proper compensation
  • Take pictures of the scene. You can use your mobile or a digital camera. If you are not in position to take photos, the public can aid
  • Avoid early admission of guilt. Let a qualified attorney advice you on the next action
  • Seek medical attention immediately. Also, keep the doctor’s report for evaluation by accident insurance firms
  • Seek a seasoned motorcycle accident attorney to commence a legal process of seeking compensation and justice.

Types of Injury

A motorcycle accident causes serious injuries that cannot be under looked. Treating these injuries can be so expensive to cover. The most prominent injuries affect the nerve, legs, face, pelvis and hips, brain, head, and spinal cord. Since most motorists use safe helmets, the rate of head injuries is relatively lower compared to other types. However, whenever they occur, their effects are usually fatal. Such effects include brain damage, which is needs costly treatment.

These injuries occur through different ways:

  • Failure to notice road hazards like potholes and stones
  • Riding distractions like daydreaming, making phone calls, eating, or making texts
  • Blind spots. Accidents caused by blind spots involve overtaking or negotiating bends without taking note of other motorcycles, vehicles, or other road users
  • Negligence of road signs.

Role of an Attorney in Motorcycle Accidents

The work of your accidents attorney is to analyze the accident’s facts, conduct proper investigation, and represent your case in a court. In some cases, the attorney might advise you to settle the case directly. But attorneys are significant since they understand the proper type of compensation you can get, and if going to a court will yield you favorable outcomes.

After evaluating the facts and applicable laws, a jury will award a compensation. Note that the accident fault can lie with the motorist. In such a case, the jury can award a compensation, but with a percentage cut representing your fault. For example, a motorist will receive $135,000 for a compensation of $150,000 if they were 10% at fault.

In conclusion, it is relevant to keep in mind that remaining cooperative with an attorney is key to ensuring proper service. Apart from representing clients in courts, they submit your insurance claims to the insurance company to cover all losses and damages.

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